The summer before the storm

The first post of a new blog–always a daunting experience. Basically I am an ITT student and, if I stand on my tip-toes, I can see the end of my training and the start of my NQT year in the not so distant future. Therefore this blog will document how I deal with my last summer of (relative) freedom before the career begins and then how the next academic year pans out for me when I am let loose in the classroom.

Somehow I have managed to laboriously drag myself through this last year, I find myself two weeks from my final ever day on the PGCE and definitely have a mixed bag of emotions about the whole thing. First and foremost, an overwhelming sense of relief. The PGCE has not been a pleasant experience–although the workload has been ghastly it was still vastly more enjoyable than a lot of the other situations within schools that I found myself in. But, teetering on the brink of a future in teaching there are obviously lots of nerves and a sense of trepidation for the future. Especially as I also have been looking into the ins and outs of getting a mortgage. The very fact that I spent my Friday night this week researching mortgages also glaringly highlights how adulthood and grownup-ville is directly around the corner.

Mercifully I have a job secured for September and I am over the moon with what I have seen of the school, teachers and pupils. I cannot wait to just get started really. But- not getting ahead of myself- obviously after a summer of rest, relaxation and resource making in the sunshine (we can live in hope!).

So, the countdown to the summer begins: one more week in placement one final week of university and then the summer before the storm.